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Does the electrical wiring in your home need replacing? Get in touch with our electricians in Harrow so we can carry out a full house rewire. Call us today on 020 3667 2697 or use the contact details down below. 

House rewire

It's highly recommended that a periodic inspection of the wiring in your home is carried out at least every 10 years so to ensure that it remains safe for every day use. If the wiring in your home hasn't been checked in the last decade, please get in touch with us at Direct Building LTD, working in partnership with Direct Electrical LTD. Old and faulty wiring can cause the electrics in your home to trip frequently or blow fuses or, at worst, cause a very dangerous house fire/electrical shock. 

If we find that the wiring needs to be replaced, we can carry out a full or partial rewire, depending on the extent of the damage to the wiring in your home. 

Does your home need an electrical rewire?

There are a couple of ways you can find out if your home is due a rewire...

  • If the property is older than 30 years and still has the original wiring it had when it was first built, it's likely that you'll need to replace the wiring to meet modern standards.
  • Check the date on the consumer unit. If it was installed before the 1980's, it might be worthwhile getting in touch with us. 
  • We can also undertake a full rewiring survey and find out if you need a rewire. We're completely honest and will tell you if we think that a rewire is not necessary. 

Rewiring is not only important for safety, it's also recommended if you would like to add more switches and plugs to keep up with modern needs, i.e. new kitchen appliances, tv's, computers etc. Likewise, if you are selling an older property, a recent house rewire can boost its appeal to buyers.

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