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Need a roofer in Harrow to take a look at your roof? Whether it's for a repair, general maintenance or to replace your roof, our roofers are on hand. Call us today on 0203 5247526 or use the contact details below. 

Our roofing services

Here at Direct Building LTD we offer a comprehensive range of roofing services in Harrow...

Roof replacements

If your roof is reaching the end of its natural life, we can install a full replacement that will last for decades to come. Our skilled roofers can replace any existing roof on both pitched roofs and flat roof services, including slate, tiling, lead roofing and more. We can also work around chimney's, insulation and any other aspects on your roof; we are a one stop shop destination for roof replacements. 

We will replace your roof with minimum fuss to your home and our skilled roofers will always stick to schedule so you can start planning further house improvements in no time. 

Roof repairs

If you have a leak coming from your roof or any other defect that needs addressing immediately, our roofers in Harrow can pinpoint the cause and provide an immediate fix. Common problems often include slipped/broken slates, loose cover flashings, blocked outlets and waterways, but whatever it is, our roofers are confident that we can repair your roof and return your home back to normal in no time. 

Roof maintenance

If your roof isn't well maintained, it can lead to the need for roof repairs or in some circumstances, complete roof replacements. 

That's why we offer a roof maintenance service includes the cleaning of roof surfaces, moss/leaf removal and clearance of other debris that could otherwise impact the look and sustainability of a roof. After we've finished servicing your roof, we will let you know exactly what we have done with a detailed report, but you should be able to notice a visible difference right away just by looking at your roof!

The main benefit of servicing your roof is that problems can be detected early on and mitigated before they lead to the need for roof repairs/replacements. 

Contact our roofers in Harrow

Here at Direct Building LTD, we pride ourselves on our high quality work, professional advice and ensuring that all of our customers in Harrow are left feeling greatly satisfied with our service. 

To speak with our roofers, please contact using our contact form or call us on: 

Head Office: 0203 5247526 
Harrow Office: 020 3667 2697 
Tony Mobile: 07961 059993 
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